When The Boy Is Away…

The girl will play!

At the park:

With the water fowl at the park:

At the Grande Theater of Bordeaux:

At night, because the girl has to go to the symphony alone..

On a boat:

But only if said boat is abandoned…

On a carousel:

(But only if there are no children around…no one likes a photographer hanging around the playground)

And of course, when the boy is gone, this girl will play with wine:

Un verre du vin rouge..

Un autre verre du vin rouge… (note the puppy on my phone. I’m never far from home when there is wine and a Blackberry involved..)

And I won’t so much play with the wine as I will drink it at his beautiful Bordeaux bar…

And then I’ll walk out to this:

The most luxurious hotel in Bordeaux…

Best of all, I will wake up to this, finally returned from Toronto:

Mon amour…

What an amazing playday in Bordeaux!

Bon soir xo


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