A Day at the (French) Beach

When living in a place like Bordeaux, you are never far away from your dream day. A visit to the fantastic wineries of St. Emilion is only 45 minutes away. The beautiful colours of Porto are a very cheap 90 minute plane ride away. And the beach? No true vacation is without a visit to a beach–luckily for the Bordelais, Arcachon is only an hour away. When you hop of the train, you are hit with the scent of beachy air and blue skies. The architecture is colourful and quaint- a far cry from the uniformity of Bordeaux. After a ten minute walk Your toes are in the sand that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Nevermind that it’s January and it’s 10 degrees outside. How can looking at the ocean not instantly make you feel warm?

January doesn't get more beautiful

Tide lines









Gorgeous scenery aside, a day at the beach is nothing unless you’re holding hands with a loved one

Shadow Love

Arcachon oysters

Aside from testing my love (which survived because I drank wine, ate salad and he was Sucre Papa), there was another adventure waiting for us:

An afternoon bike ride..

Flat tire break...

Nothing fixes a flat tired better than a cheese plate and cocktails, but as soon as the new tire was delivered we were off to finish our beach day!

Beach sunset

Abandoned beach boat- always a favorite find

Overlooking Arcachon

And of course, a lovely dinner before the last train


And that is how you do a beach day, in France, in January.


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