Zurich in Birds

Zurich, Switzerland is a photographer’s dream- a large river flows though the city, providing an amazing array of views from either side. Nevermind all the secret numbered bank accounts the city holds (I wouldn’t be able to photograph those anyway)–the real heart of the city is its Old Town. This charming area is a collection of cobblestone streets–the lanes are framed by multi-coloured buildings that house boutiques, bars, bakeries, and restaurants that are to die for.

The hill top views aside, this photographer didn’t amass a large collection of photos. Why? Because she was too busy taking photos of birds (typical- I am my bird watching parents’ daughter..)

Fact: If you are an Alfred Hitchcock fan, Zurich is the city for you.

In flight

On the attack

Always observing


A Perfect Couple


A quick dip


And one of the beautiful city for good meaure!


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