Mixed Feelings for Home

After being back in Toronto for two weeks, I’m still having mixed feelings about the city I’m supposed to call home. I miss the historic architecture of Europe–mostly the beautiful uniformity of Bordeaux and the colours of Porto and Zurich. Toronto is what it’s inhabitants call a “concrete jungle”. Most of its beauty comes from houses in neighbourhoods like the Annex and Rosedale. But taking pictures of peoples homes isn’t always my thing. My job is to find the beauty in the concrete jungle.


CN Tower and skyline

One of my personal favorite photos. THIS is downtown Toronto.


Graffiti in the Annex

An Annex alleyway littered with graffiti. The model is my former Annex roommate and my beautiful best friend.


Toronto Streetcar

When you look at the streetcar in this photo, it doesn’t seem so bad….

But this next photo?

Weekday Rush hour on the TTC

…Not so beautiful.

Toronto Railway

Go Train-bringing suburban commuters in and out of the downtown core

A more dignified mode of transportation rolls through the city… (the Europe in me loves trains)


Toronto Island Airport

Even more dignified is Toronto Island Airport–you’re just a 30 second ferry ride away from flying out of the city.


Toronto Skyline Looking North

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to see the city from 51 floors above it, it’s beauty is evident.


CN Tower--1,815 feet of concrete

And being almost eye level with this landmark of concrete proves that living in a “concrete jungle” has its bonuses after all.


I think it’s always difficult to find the everyday beauty in a place you spend your days working in and in which the only travel you do is during rush hour. For me, Europe has always been a very welcome escape. For me, escape = beautiful. But sometimes it’s refreshing to walk around your hometown, with a camera, capturing just what makes it so special to the rest of the world.

One Response to “Mixed Feelings for Home”
  1. Skinny Dip says:

    I love the graffiti photo as well. I know exactly where that alleyway is!

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